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Policies & Procedures for Minor Patients

Parents or legal guardians of the minor patient:

  • A parent or legal guardian of a minor patient is defined as a person with legal custody of the minor patient who has the authority to make decisions regarding the minor patient’s care. Legal guardianship is assigned by a court, such as family court, according to state laws.

  • Must provide informed consent for any minor receiving care.

  • Must be present in session to receive information about care in order to provide consent.

  • Must be present at the minor patient’s first appointment to receive informed consent and be granted full parental/legal guardian status in regard to the minor’s care, per policies and procedures specific to Vallis Mental Health.

Authorized participants of the minor patient:

  • An authorized participant of the minor patient is defined as a person with relational connections to the minor patient who has been authorized by a parent or legal guardian to participate in the minor patient’s treatment.

  • Authorized participants will be granted authority, via a Release of Information, from a parent or legal guardian, to participate in the minor patient’s care in the following ways:

    • The ability to bring minor patients to appointments

    • The ability to pick up minor patients from appointments

    • The ability to schedule and reschedule appointments for the minor patient

    • The permission to have appropriate knowledge about the minor patient’s treatment

    • The permission to be present in an appointment of the minor patient as long as:

      1. A parent or legal guardian is present in the session

      2. In the case of an emergency


A parent, legal guardian, or authorized participant must remain on Vallis Mental Health premises (in the lobby, in the parking lot) throughout the duration of the minor’s session.

Telehealth sessions are offered for minor patients under the following circumstances:

  1. The first session must be attended in person

  2. The therapist must determine the telehealth modality is appropriate for the minor patient

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