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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy, sometimes called counseling or psychotherapy, is a process where the therapist and the patient work together one-on-one to address the goals and needs of the patient. While patients always have the option to include others (ex. family, significant others, friends) in individual therapy, the therapist owes commitment and advocacy principally to the patient. 

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy, sometimes called counseling or psychotherapy, is a process where the therapist works with couples to identify and resolve issues affecting the relationship. Here, the therapist owes primary commitment and advocacy to the relationship itself, though individual treatment goals may be identified and addressed, as well. At Vallis Mental Health, we request that each individual in the relationship begins the intervention with individual session(s) with the therapist. Then, in collaboration with the couple, the therapist will engage the patients in both couples sessions and individual sessions as indicated by the case presentation.

Couple's Shadow

Group Therapy

Group therapy, sometimes called counseling or psychotherapy, is a process where the therapist works with a group of individuals to identify and resolve similar issues that are common to each member of the group. Here, the therapist owes primary commitment and advocacy to the group dynamic created via relationships developed amongst group member(s). If individual treatment goals are identified, the therapist may recommend the group member seek additional therapy outside of the group setting. At Vallis Mental Health, we offer both open groups (new members may join the group at any time) and closed groups (new members can only join at particular times). Prior to joining either an open group or a closed group, we request that each new group member participates in an individual, intake session with the therapist to confirm group counseling will be appropriate for the patient, to obtain informed consent to participate in the group, to explain the purpose and objectives of the group, and to review rules and expectations of the group.

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Vallis Mental Health is proud to offer telehealth services. Telehealth, sometimes called telecounseling or telemedicine, is a healthcare option where the therapist and the patient can conduct counseling sessions via digital technologies using the internet and a computer, tablet, or smart phone. Here, a therapist can deliver care to patients from a remote distance for sessions that do not require the patient to attend an in-office session.

  1. The therapist will evaluate each session to determine if telehealth services are appropriate for the patient and case presentation.

  2. We are currently only able to conduct telehealth services for patients who can access BOTH visual and audio.

  3. Please be aware that availability of telehealth services may be impacted by state board regulations and insurance plans.

Video Consultation
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Psychometric Testing

Vallis Mental Health is proud to offer psychometric testing services, providing valuable insights into individuals' cognitive abilities and attentional functions. Psychometric testing involves the use of standardized assessments to measure various psychological attributes. At Vallis Mental Health, we utilize renowned tools such as the Wechsler Intelligence Scale, a comprehensive test designed to assess cognitive skills across different domains, offering a detailed profile of strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, we employ the Test of Variables of Attention (T.O.V.A.) to measure sustained attention and response time variability. The Wechsler Intelligence Scale helps in understanding intellectual functioning, while the T.O.V.A. is instrumental in assessing attention-related challenges. These assessments enable Vallis Mental Health to deliver accurate and personalized insights, empowering individuals, educators, and clinicians with valuable information for informed decision-making and tailored interventions.

For more information on our testing services, please click on the appropriate button below:

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