T.O.V.A. Testing

Vallis Mental Health is proud to offer A.D.H.D. screening using the T.O.V.A. Please call for more information or to schedule an appointment. 

T.O.V.A. A.D.H.D. Screening Package

The T.O.V.A. Testing Package includes three 50-minute sessions, during which one of our highly-trained, licensed counselors will interviews the test-taker, administer the T.O.V.A., and then interpret the test’s results and counsel the test-taker and family on any follow-up recommendations. If the test-taker is found to have A.D.H.D., for an additional fee, your counselor will write a letter asking for A.D.A. accommodations at the test-taker’s school or university.

What is T.O.V.A.?

The Test of Variables of Attention, or T.O.V.A., is an FDA-cleared, computerized, and objective test of attention and inhibitory control for ages 4 to 80+. It provides healthcare professionals with objective measurements of attention and inhibitory control.

What does T.O.V.A. measure?

T.O.V.A. aids in assessing and evaluating treatment for attention deficits, including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (A.D.H.D.)

Why use T.O.V.A.?

The T.O.V.A. provides information that is not available through self-report or the report of others. It is used along with a clinical interview and subjective measures (such as behavior ratings) for a more comprehensive picture of academic, social, and personal performance and impairment. For more information regarding the T.O.V.A., please visit their website.