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Minor Patients

A patient who is designated as a “minor” is any individual 13 years old or younger.

Individual therapy with a minor is a process where the therapist and the minor patient work together one-on-one to address certain goals and needs. Sometimes these goals are identified by the minor patient, and sometimes these goals are identified by the minor patient’s parents or guardians; however, ultimately, the therapist owes commitment and advocacy principally to the minor.

Due to the privacy rights of minor patients, parents and guardians are required to be involved in the treatment of the minor patient to some degree. As such, Vallis Mental Health has set certain policies and procedures specific to caring for minors in accordance with both legal statutes and evidence-based practices to ensure the best care possible is met for the minor patients being seen by our therapists. Please read the information contained in the link below to become familiarized with our policies and procedures when working with minor patients.

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